Some disturbing news coming out of Afghanistan. I’ve only really followed it on the fringes partly because I’m out in the middle of nowhere trying to focus on family, work, a ThM and the beauty of God in his creation, but also because I don’t know that God meant us to consume the world’s suffering as frequently as is available to us in an always-connected world. Doing so often breeds fear, overwhelming sadness, and despair. Those in Afghanistan don’t have the luxury of avoiding thinking of suffering and we ought to bear with them in prayer to the God who knows all the world’s suffering, who entered into it to bear its pain, and who promises to reward all those who seek him (Heb 11:6).

This article from TGC was a really good reminder for any of us. Suffering of any kind, big or small, is intended by God for the good of his people. This is not an easy perspective to have, especially in the midst of trouble. We can pray on their behalf to the Father of heavenly lights from whom comes every good gift (Jas 1:17), knowing he is working for the good of his people in Afghanistan.

”Don’t forget that God called the most wicked king on earth, Nebuchadnezzar, ‘my servant’ in Jeremiah 27:6 and Jeremiah 43:10. “God is most certainly calling the Taliban ‘my servant.’"
How Afghan Pastors Reflect on God’s Sovereignty
Amid the most troubling news about suffering Christians in Afghanistan, Afghan leaders reflect on the sovereignty of God.