I have some catching up to do! This is Katie and guest poster on Luke's blog ;)

One of the first things we did coming into South Dakota to drive through the Badlands. Native American Indians and early pioneers called the land "bad" as it was difficult to travel though and water was hard to find. We could see the rock formations in the distance and then all the sudden BAM- they were right in front of you.

The kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks (it's allowed!). We also saw some goats and buffalo exiting the badlands.

Our second stop in South Dakota was the Black Hills. Studded with pine trees they really do look black/very dark especially under a cloud cover. We really enjoyed our campsite with a lake a walk away. The kids paddle boarded, swam, jumped on the water trampoline, and peddle boated. Pierce learned to ride a bike without training wheels. The kids made some friends with some "neighbors" the opposite side of the creek that went between us and raced down Tupperware boats and balls. We had several bouts of rain and one with hail. Overall though, we enjoyed the warm sun and cool breezes.

We went to Spearfish Falls and it was the perfect 1 mile hike the kids could all enjoy.

I'll leave it here with a question we often get: What do you guys do for church on the road?

Answer: We hope to join local churches or we'll do a little house church with our family. We'd love to invite people into our family devotionals too. We'll see how that goes.

More to come on Mt Rushmore and Custer state park!