We drove downhill through the mountains via small curvy roads before going back up more curvy and narrow roads up the mountain to Shaver Lake. The Shaver Lake community experienced a big fire last year and we passed through many burned areas, but the fire fighters obviously worked hard to save most of the community and the town's appreciation showed through flags and Thank You's throughout our drive.

On our way down one of the mountains (or hillside?) we noted a funny smell and sound. We made it to our destination with a problem, however, aside from not fitting into the spot designated us. Fortunately, our host was very kind and accommodated us into a double wide spot without the extra cost.

The next morning I packed the kids up and headed for another visit to my friend Wiebs, who was home after working her shifts in Tahoe. After 11 years of multiple visits of her car tripping/flying to us in NJ, SC, and MN, it felt pretty sweet to finally make it to her home in Clovis, CA.

Since Luke had to stay home and catch up on work, I figured I could take the car in for a break check and wheel alignment, as we were a bit concerned about the breaks. I googled a place, dropped it off, and walked the mile back to Wieb's house who was feeding my kids lunch. A call later, we found out our breaks were 90% eroded and it was unsafe to drive. Unfortunately, they couldn't get a part until tomorrow morning so Wieb's graciously hosted an impromtu sleepover. Wieb's also has a room mate, so the 5 of us shared her room with her dog Finn. I cannot say how grateful I am for God's providence and my friend's flexibility and love for us. During our time there she did our laundry (as her washer broke) and had to finish it at a friends house. She also made a Walmart trip as we were out of pull ups, and we ended the day with show, ice cream, and popcorn. Pretty much my kids dream come true.

The next morning we walked around town and went in some antique and other cute shops. I found some beautiful old books: Plutarch, A Field Guide To The Birds by Peterson, a Landmark book on John F. Kennedy, and a picture book by Barbara Cooney. That's a home school win for me. As we were about to head back I got word the car was ready as we were already close, we gratefully picked it up and parted ways with Wiebs, finishing our day with various in-town shopping.

Side note: This bench is a reclaimed bed frame her sister made for her- isn't it cool?!