We kind of breezed through Oregon but I don't want it to miss its post.

Clara learned how to do the Strider bike. We upgraded Pierce's bike right before we left in June and I told Luke Clara would figure out the strider by September. She would follow her siblings straddling the bike between her legs and walking awkwardly with it for months. I almost thought she wouldn't get it but low and behold September came and she started sitting down, running with her feet and coasted down small hills with her feet up.

We stayed in some state parks and it's beautiful to be between forests, mountains, and the coast. We stayed a couple days at Eel Creek state park. There were large dunes the kids could climb, explore, and slide down. Had we stayed longer I would have loved to do the John Dellenback trail. It's a 5.5 mile hike that weaves through forest and sand dunes to the beach and back. The sign said to allow for 6 hours as it is a lot of trekking through soft sand. It would have been an interesting challenge but I didn't have the time.

The next pictures is a Pacific Coast sunset. I grew up in NJ so sunrises were particularly special over the coast. One time Luke and I were visiting my grandparents who lived down the shore. We got up early to grab coffee and watch the sun rise over the ocean. That was a sweet memory.

A lot of our car trips looks like this. The kids have been troopers making our way across the Country.

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words so there you go. I don't always have much to write but talk to me in person and I'll give you 10,000- but then again, maybe I just did.