I wrote this a couple weeks ago and never published. Here's a recap our pros and cons of traveling.

Well we've made it a full month in our travels. I think I was expecting a more laid back pace but we've moved at least 9 times in the past month and have done a ton of things! I love traveling and wouldn't change anything just yet- we still have so many things to see and do in our West Coast journey.

On average we probably travel every 3-5 days. A couple two night-ers and some longer 10 day stays. This makes it hard for Luke to get work in and the Masters in Theology he's wanting to do. I'm looking forward to slowing down in one space come winter.


  • More time with kids
  • Less time cleaning
  • More time with Luke
  • Beautiful sights and new experiences
  • Learning about God's creation, science, the West...
  • Flexibility- we go where we want
  • Lot's more outdoor time.
  • More water time, practicing swimming, water safety, etc.
  • Growing of character - sometimes our emotions and tiredness get the better of us. We all get to practice patience, kindness and self control :P
  • Growing of sibling closeness. They also have a blast together.


  • Harder for Luke to get in as much work as we planned (and time for ThM)
  • Exhaustion, lack of quiet time. Pierce stopped napping.
  • Expensive groceries and gas.
  • Always having to make decisions about what's next and what we can do in a day
  • Getting groceries and cooking. We average probably one meal a day in the car with traveling and sight seeing. Between that and just not having space for much leftovers means I meal plan pretty frequently.

That's it for now!