I didn't really know what to expect at Glacier. Ignorantly, I thought I would see a mountain of ice on land. That actually would have been more true ages ago. There are still Glaciers in the park but they are down to 26 in number. By 2030 it is estimated there will be no active glaciers. What is a glacier? A mass of ice that moves by it's own weight due to gravity. Large glaciers sculpted this park as they cut rocks in the depths while smaller glaciers carved out peaks, taking the past of least resistance. It one picture you can see Jackson Glacier.

We were never able to get tickets into the park but we did one trip making it in before 6 am and several trips after 5 pm. It was beautiful both ways. We drove East as we watched the sun rise and light up the mountains we drove past. We also got to see the sunset driving West when we moved campgrounds on the other side of the park. We hiked St. Mary's Falls, Lake John's Loop, Trail of the Cedars, and Hidden Lake Overview. We beached at MacDonald's Lake, and the girls did the Junior Ranger program so I feel good about what we got in! We also saw bears eating huckleberries, mountain goats and their babies, bighorn sheep, a fox, ground squirrels, a snake... so many beautiful and wild things. So without further to do here are some pictures.