A Thought Project

I had an idea to put together a list of eclectic things that strike me as interesting, thought-provoking or enjoyable that I’d like to share with minimal comment, asking for your own reflections on them. I have a few different categories that I’ll try to stick to, and the rules are you get to pick one item off the list to respond with your own thoughts. I’d love it if everyone who interacted with one or all of the items to respond somehow. Mainly I’d just like to share and talk about things going on around us, interact with the world and find God at work in them. These categories are meant to help me be consistent in dipping into many different areas of the world and culture so as to be mindful of the times we live in. So then, these are the categories, to be published weekly (as I can):

Something to Ponder

This will contain a bit of everything, probably leaning on the side of secular thought. I want people to engage critically, thoughtfully and kindly with thinking people who differ from us.

Something to Pray For

This will be something from world events, meant to prompt more global awareness of how we can be praying for the good of our neighbors, even if they live on the other side of the world.

Something for Pleasure

Trying to be a good baptist seminarian and alliterate properly: this category will usually be some piece of music I’ve enjoyed this week, perhaps a short video or other art form. Something purely for our enjoyment.

Something for Inspiration

Probably a magnificent quote from whatever I happen to be reading in book form. 😜

Something for Our Hearts

Lastly, this will be straight Scripture and maybe a small devotional thought. I’d like to keep actively practicing some of the hermeneutical skills I’m picking up in seminary, so you all get to be my unwitting victims.