Christ Exalted Over All

Due to a new baby and a recovering wife, our family has been outside of regular worship for the past few weeks. This might not have been a problem for past me, but when God woke up my heart a couple of years ago, he gave me a deep need to worship him with his people, and I have missed it deeply. Today I got to cry out before my God with a few dozen brothers and sisters in our weekly chapel and it was such a deep comfort to my soul. The song that ripped me apart today, in the midst of tragedy in Las Vegas, amidst the division of our country, over my own need to be saved once again from my pride and self-sufficiency, was a song called Exalted Over All.[1]

Singing this song, God granted moments of reflection. I though of the events in Las Vegas and the inevitable conversation about the role of guns in our country that follows every new mass shooting. I thought of 58 new graves that will be dug and hundreds of others who suffered injury, physically, emotionally and mentally. I think of the vitriol hurled back and forth over the senselessness of their deaths. I think of the politicians that will take advantage of this moment to polarize and blame. I think of individuals who will further entrench themselves against their fellow man. I think of those who will mourn, many without hope. It is easy to look at the dismal scene in despair. It is easy to give in to fear, that these events may come at any time, without warning. It is easy to resolve to do better, to throw solutions at tragedy. It is easy to be angry.

And it is hard to worship.

Because what is there to worship in this? Where is human decency? Where safety? Where is life? Where is God?

And this song, in blazing contrast, lifts high the promises of God himself, speaking of the only answer to these questions.

One name is higher. One name is stronger
Than any grave

His name is stronger than power of death over 58 people in Vegas or the wounds of 500 more. It is higher than the evil intentions of a senseless gunman.

Than any throne

His name is stronger than politicians who make insensitive, partisan and agenda-laden remarks. It is higher than the evil powers that provoke men to follow their own wicked schemes.

Christ exalted over all.
The only savior: Jesus Messiah.
To you alone, all praise belongs.
Christ exalted over all.

Never lose sight of the magnificence of the Savior. There is no hope outside of him. Death comes for us all, be it from the hands of a mindless gunman, old age, illness, or in our beds as we sleep at night. You cannot regulate it away. You cannot argue it into submission. It is a problem staring every one of us in the face. Jesus alone offers life: life that no gunman, no politician, no illness can take away.

Turn to him while he may yet be found. To him alone, all praise belongs.

  1. Whatever you may think of the shocking number of man buns and breathy vocals in the video, look past it to the exaltation of Christ. Reflect, as we did in chapel, on Ephesians 1-2. Feel the weight of the distance between you and God, and the immensity of the mercy of God in bridging the gap between him and us through his son, Jesus Christ. ↩︎