Tyrants are more a reflection on us the ruled than they are on the ruler himself.

But even in the case of men such as this [Nero], power to dominate is given only by the providence of the supreme God when he judges that the state of human affairs deserves such overlords. The voice of God is clear about this, where the Wisdom of God declares, By me kings reign, and by me tyrants hold the earth (Prov 8:15). It might be supposed that the word “tyrant” here means not evil and unjust kings but rather strong rulers, as in the ancient sense in which Virgil says, “It will be a part of peace for me to have touched the tyrant‘s right hand.” But to exclude this sense, Scripture most clearly says of God in another passage. He causes the hypocrite to reign on account of the perversity of the people (Job 34:30).

City of God, 5.19.