Keeping It Simple

I've tried a dozen times to keep up with my writing while at the same time publishing posts in a way that I have more control over (as in, not Facebook or Medium). But I think at this point in my life, I just need to keep it simple and lower as many barriers to writing as I can. And the easiest way to do that right now is going to be for me to publish here.

My main motive for writing is to capture my own thoughts (and open them to feedback) during my time as an MDiv student and Bethlehem Seminary and College. There is a ton of info coming at me and there just isn't time to adequately process all of it. So I hope by writing some things out, I can come back to it and engage other folks in the process.

I've also finally been settling on some of my tools for keeping up with all this school business. The main activities I've found myself engaging in is reading, writing (usually about the reading) and scheduling when to do the other two. So to keep track of these things, I'm using the following.

Reading: When not in hardcopy, GoodNotes and the Kindle for PDFs and eBooks. Zotero for tracking sources, cataloging, referencing and citing. Accordancefor most of my Greek and Bible study.

Writing: Ulysses for initial writing and note transcription (first pass is usually on real paper), probably exporting and formatting papers in MS Word prior to submitting or publishing things. Using Medium for publishing thoughts (but you already knew that). Sort of in the writing category is a new tool I'm really enjoying for diagramming and phrasing: BibleArc. Lots of cool thinks to be learned there.

Scheduling: OmniFocus for tracking assignment due dates and important events.

If there are other good things out there for academics, let me know!