My heart is so heavy to see how easily people divide over issues like guns and gun control. Guns cannot save you or those around you from death. Gun control cannot save you and those you love from death.

Only Jesus saves you from death.

A friend once remarked after a meeting with a lady dying of cancer: "That was a surreal conversation... I mean, she's dying!" Our companion replied, "So am I, just a little bit slower."

Being "born again" means death no longer has permanent hold over you. Your choice instead is what to do when suffering and death comes for you and yours, whether from a gun, or from cancer, or from other causes. Only God can give us grace to suffer well. The world does not understand the kind of people that can lose everything and still rejoice. I am not like this and I need so desperately to be.

I need the gospel because I cannot otherwise suffer well.

I need the gospel because otherwise death is the end, there is no hope and life is vanity.

Thank God for the gospel of Jesus.

One of the best talks I ever heard on this topic was by John Piper. Every time I watch this sermon I am reminded of how far I am from this ideal, yet how good God's grace is to me. This clip is the portion that relates most directly, but I encourage you to watch it in its entirity.