God brought me to Psalm 51 a week or so ago "at random" in searching for Psalm 57, which had it's own impact in the time it found me. It was a good psalm but I didn't pay the attention I ought to have at the time. So this morning, again "at random", as I sat with our youngest daughter while mommy was at Bible study, God brought to me Piper's sermon on Psalm 51, and the proper response for a Christian living under the weight guilt. Then, "out of the blue" as I have been eagerly waiting for T4G.org to publish Platt's talk, as I had missed it during the live stream which, "for some reason" had not been published with many of the others, it was available today. Of all days. And what was his text? Psalm 51.


You will notice the theme of "at random" in the above.

If God can orchestrate the entirety of history for something like "the fullness of time" (Galatians 4:4) for his Son to be born, there is no doubt in my mind the bringing forth the timing of Psalm 51 into my life. I do not know yet for what reason, but if this psalm and this story does not have some purpose for where God has placed you, pray then for me, that this psalm will bring out much fruit in my life whatever and wherever God would call me to.

I am absolutely crushed by Platt every time I hear him speak. I have wept over this at the depth of my own evil and selfish heart, for joy that Jesus has saved me of his own good pleasure and not because of any merit of my own making, to be freely given the riches that are in Christ Jesus and even more for those who do not know him, in part because of my timidity and unwillingness to open my lips to declare his praise. Brothers and sisters, let us die to ourselves every day for the sake of Jesus Christ who laid down his life for us.